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The urge for self-improvement through participation in the larger whole. It urges you to go forth exploring life. It also represents the opportunities for you in your life and how you need to be rewarded for your efforts.

Best quality: Benevolence (kindness)
Worst quality: Conceit
Thought series: Religious

Keywords: Goodwill and patronage of others, projects directed toward the wealthy, salesmanship, professional ability, legal matters, philosophical and philanthropic ventures, religion, banking, publishing, merchandising, advertising, publicity director, athletic director, television producer, tour guide, recreation director, importer/exporter, court reporter, communication specialist, sports coordinator, radio and television commentator. One who uses warmth, geniality, confidence, and enthusiasm. Enjoys revving up the crowd, inspiring others, and using the power of suggestion. Drawn towards salesmanship, the professions, sports, and the outdoors. Fond of freedom and likes the open road. Likes the big picture and needs to work out the details in his own way.

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