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Your capacity to collect, sort, classify and communicate the knowledge you gain through your experiences and your senses. It also analyzes and discards what is unnecessary.

Best quality: Expression
Worst quality: Restlessness
Thought series: Intellectual

Keywords: Travel agencies, writing, youth-oriented students, oral transactions, contracts, mental activities and abilities, speaking, teaching, printing, shooting the breeze, bookbinders, graphologists, canvassers, stenographers, bank tellers, analytical chemists, bus drivers, osteopaths, book editors, messengers, shipping and receiving clerks, mailmen, food checkers, cab drivers, elevator operators, railroad men, solicitors, animal trainers, computer programmers/operators, librarians, inspectors, lecturers optometrists, interpreters, reporters, typesetters, navigators, travel agents. Constant use of intelligence in solving problems, speedy writing down of thoughts, and the ability to impart information to others.

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