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Your emotional responses based on past experiences and unconscious habit patterns that you have developed. It comprises all the little surface peculiarities, moods and changes which have to do with physical life which are disturbing, fleeting and changing. The Moon represents your greatest need.

Best quality: Adaptability
Worst quality: Inconstancy
Thought series: Domestic

Keywords: Commerce, domestic related projects, liquids, food, small transactions with a large turnover, general public, gardening, women, breeding of animals, silver, commodities, hotels restaurants, groceries, domesticity, music, those who cater to and serve the public, nurses, airline attendants, dieticians, dry cleaners, housekeepers, cooks, bakers, landscapers, merchants, cashiers, grocers, milkmen, obstetricians, meteorologists, counselors, restaurant workers, hydro-therapists. Sympathy, tenacity, compassion, and sensitivity. Sense of rhythm, timing, and tune. A need to be liked. Interest in nutrition, foods, beverages, or diet. Likes to cater to and serve the public. Feels comfortable in the mainstream, rubbing shoulders with the masses, mixing and mingling with common people, especially in feminine situations. Isolated places and purely mental activity rub the wrong way.

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