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pluto2 Pluto

The unconscious urge to transform repressed ego-desire energies into group-desire energies in order to live out your role in society’s evolution. Pluto will force you to transform those things in your life that require regeneration.

Best quality: Spirituality
Worst quality: Inversion (turning things upside down)
Thought series: Universal welfare

Keywords: Group efforts, mass production, cooperation, welfare work, radio, television, atomic energy, radio operator, embalmer, social worker, medical x-ray technician, nuclear safety engineer, plumber, astrobiologist, policeman, health nutritionist, television technician, radar technician, researcher, FBI agent. Works in cooperation with others, can handle and cater to large groups or unions, and can manipulate people. Special talent for tuning into unseen or non- physical forces or electromagnetic energies. Can detect trouble instinctively and makes a good detective or ferret. Projects are carried out on a large scale, such as an assembly line or by means of mass production.

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