If you’re curious about 2017 – and interested about specific dates next year – this is the report for you. Prepare for significant days by learning in advance what the planets have in store for you on those particular dates….birthdays, holidays, or just curiosity days!


Drawn from interpretations via Astrodienst, Kepler, Astro123 and our own insight, this report can exceed 30 pages, depending on how many influences are active on a chosen date.


Using the information box below, be sure to specify your chosen dates of interest, in addition to your required Birth Chart information. Ideally, you’d chose one date per month, but you can choose up to twelve (12) dates during 2017 regardless of month. Requesting more than twelve (12) dates will cause only the first twelve (12) dates to be considered.

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Choose one date per month – or a maximum twelve total (12) dates during  2017, and get an astrological weather report for those dates based on transits to your natal chart.