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Your ability to find your place in society and function there at a practical level (referred to as your society ego). It is the laws, boundaries and limits set by society or karma. It also represents discipline and ambition.

Best quality: System and organization
Worst quality: Selfishness
Thought series: Safety

Keywords: Hard, steady work, organization, caution, shrewdness, projects directed to senior citizens, agriculture, wining, secret and hidden things, farming, business and trade atmospheres, shrewd buyer, basic utilities, building materials, real estate, methodology, systems, long range planning, elderly people, economics, hidden things, civil engineers, dentists, physical chemists, statisticians, typesetters, paleontologists, industrial engineers, geologists, chiropractors, proofreaders, custodians, claims adjustors, draftsmen, masons, efficiency experts. Hates waste, loves efficiency, economy, long and hard work. Needs to be doing something. Dull, monotonous, routine application whets the appetite. Abides by rules and regulations, preferably constructed by others. A hard and careful worker who absorbs responsibility and duty. Can undergo rigid training due to persistence of character. Is diligent, using system, method, and organization in his work.

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