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Composite Jupiter harmonizing with Composite Saturn
This is a stabilizing configuration that lends positive support to your relationship. You will instinctively know how to effectively plan your future together for long-term success. This is an indicator of longevity for the two of you as a couple. One of your most fortunate attributes is that you will be able to wade through the bad times and have faith that everything will be all right. An excellent place to put this patience and stability would be into business, where you can keep any extravagance in check and lend support to the other in difficult times. This aspect combines the generosity, faith and luck of Jupiter with the discipline, practicality and steadfastness of Saturn in a balanced way that will strengthen your relationship.

Composite Jupiter discordant to Composite Saturn

There may be real struggle in this relationship. One of you is apt to be the great optimist who believes that anything and everything is possible (that real go-getter attitude). The other one may be tied down with restrictive, cautious, reserved, doubtful and security- conscious attitudes (the wet blanket attitude). This energy cannot come together unless the one is less optimistic and the other less reserved. You need to find the common ground. There is no other way for this relationship to work. This aspect also adds less compatibility to the relationship as it vacillates back and forth from positive direction to grim outlook. It’s for sure that one of you is going to be the “heavy” in this duo.

If, perchance, the optimist in this relationship has the greater influence, then extravagance and debt can really do a number on the conservative one who must “fix” the problem, thus adding frustration and difficulty to this combination.

Composite Jupiter harmonizing with Composite Uranus

If you love adventure, exploring, experimenting and discovering everything about life and each other, then this is a nice relationship for you. The two of you together can be quite creative and innovative and these qualities can help your relationship from becoming stale. At the same time, though, there may still be some amount of restlessness which is best dealt with by giving each other some elbow room when they need it. Together, you will be much more impulsive in doing new and wacky things that you never would have tried before.

Tremendous good luck and good fortune, arriving quite out of the blue, just when you need it, may come with this combination. You may attribute this to being at the right place at the right time.

Composite Jupiter discordant to Composite Uranus
If you are looking for a stable relationship where home is a quiet and secure place, well, this may not happen with this aspect. Instead, your relationship will likely be totally wacky, unpredictable, full of surprises and full of upsets to your daily routine, but probably for the better. Should you make plans together, you can expect them to be changed, altered or non-existent by the time they are ready to come to pass. If you are looking for a totally adventuresome, playful and fun relationship, then feel free to indulge. Yours may not be a very enduring relationship unless other aspects support it, but you owe yourself the opportunity to totally enjoy and experience each other in the time you do spend together. Along the way give each other some elbow room in order to minimize any tension that might cause one of you to want to break away from the other.

If you love adventure, exploring, experimenting and discovering everything about life and each other, then this is a nice relationship for you. There may be a great deal of restlessness here, so sitting still for very long may be a problem. At the same time, you will be much more impulsive, doing those new and wacky things you never would have tried before.

Composite Jupiter harmonizing with Composite Neptune
This is a very nice configuration for the advancement of charitable and humanitarian deeds. Your relationship will take on a very spiritual tone, filled with growth and an understanding of the makeup of the universe. You may have come together to be each other’s teacher. There will be great appreciation for each other and in times of difficulty and crisis this aspect adds support, compassion, sympathy and forgiveness. You both want and do make the necessary sacrifices for the other’s welfare. Teaching the world about generosity, forgiveness, tolerance, humanity and charity are your greatest attributes. Perhaps the only negative with this aspect is that it may give a tendency to want to withdraw from society and its duties and obligations. This would be a mistake as the world needs more couples like you. Be in the world, but not of it.

Composite Jupiter discordant to Composite Neptune
Whatever Jupiter touches it expands and when linked to Neptune it will expand the idealism, fantasy and illusion in your relationship. Everything about your relationship is great, wonderful and flawless, or so it would seem. But you may not really be seeing things as they truly are. The two of you may have your blinders on and only be seeing what you want to see. Unfortunately, your expectations may be replaced by discouragement and confusion when the light of reality finally settles on you. This relationship will take your hopes and dreams to a new level, but it may just as easily bring these hopes and dreams crashing down to earth if you do not stay grounded and honest with each other. Each of you may have the tendency to get carried away with your emotion and think that you have found Nirvana. Perhaps you have, but the only way you will know for sure is to put your relationship through the test of practical, everyday living. Then you can realistically decide exactly what there is between you.

You both need to make a concerted effort to understand what your relationship is all about. Question things and don’t assume. Be honest with each other and avoid engaging in any mind games. Be realistic about what your relationship can really do for you and the ways in which you need to grow and expand. Don’t let idealism and romantic sentimentalism cause you to see the other person in the light of your own imagination rather than the reality of who they really are. All these things need to be looked at closely with this aspect.

Any kind of speculative venture should be left alone as you have a tendency to go wild with optimism, finding that it comes up short in most instances. You need to be more cautious with respect to other people’s motives and with business enterprises as well. Remember the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is”.

On a deeper spiritual level, however, just the opposite may be true. A spiritual quest of some kind is likely to color your relationship for the better. This is perhaps the greatest saving grace of this aspect. As long as you both are practical and take care of everyday responsibilities, then you should be fine. Use caution in any charitable endeavor as the people you are trying to help may very well take advantage of your gestures, leaving you very disillusioned about the whole process.

Composite Jupiter harmonizing with Composite Pluto
This relationship is sure to have a very powerful and potentially healing effect on both of you. You lend support to each other in times of weakness and you share great faith in your partner. This faith will not only transform your life, but the lives of others around you as well. You will consciously choose to take on a lot more than you have ever attempted before through the transforming ability of this aspect. Good planning, foresight and a sense of timing attend this placement as well.

There will be a feeling of being spiritually or magically blessed just by your coming together in this relationship. Any difficulties or hardships that you endure will have you bouncing back even stronger than you were before, as if you were spiritually reborn. Work closely related to healing, religion, health or the relationship of the body to its spiritual counterpart is favored.

Composite Jupiter discordant to Composite Pluto
Yours may not be an easy relationship because you will continually challenge each other’s beliefs, how you were brought up and the path that you were following up until the time you came together. This relationship is sure to be a trial-by-fire of what you believe and how strongly you believe in it. If left unchecked, your relationship may become somewhat one-sided or fanatical, with one of you trying to dominate the other for the sake of power. Or perhaps you as a couple will try to dominate those in your environment, all in the name of what you believe. Even at best, people may view you as a threat because of your fanatical approach. Once this happens, people may be turned off by your presence or they may completely turn against you and what you stand for.

Composite Jupiter harmonizing with Composite Ascendant
This aspect indicates that you will grow a great deal just by knowing each other, no matter what the outcome of your relationship is. When you are together, you will feel good about yourselves, more so than when you were single or apart. You will find that there is less competitiveness, annoyances or irritations to deal with because of this energy. You will have a greater tolerance for each other’s faults or shortcomings than other couples have. This relationship may play an important role in your lives in that you will grow as people and even if the relationship does not last, the memories and the roles you play in each other’s lives will be important in your future. In some cases, with this aspect, you may have met or joined together because of a common intellectual interest, something profound and deep for both of you.

Composite Jupiter discordant to Composite Ascendant
This aspect signifies that the two of you are going to embark on a wonderful journey together, one in which you will grow immensely just by being together. As a team you will support and nurture each other through all kinds of difficulties and you will share great moments as well. You will not take criticism to unhealthy or difficult levels, but will use it in a constructive way. Yours is likely to be a very materially prosperous relationship because your optimistic and supportive tendencies will attract good things to you. Be careful when problems do arise, that instead of supporting each other, one of you tries to take advantage of the other by playing ego games.

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