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Composite Mars harmonizing with Composite Jupiter
You are a dynamic couple who can make anything happen that you want to, just because you are together and have a healthy, winning attitude. When you are together you will intuitively know when the time is right to make things happen and bring success to whatever you undertake. Because you have come together you will accomplish more than you ever dreamed of than by yourself. An extra added element of good luck is apparent as well, especially in physical competition. Your relationship is filled with optimism, growth and expansion and you will share together many activities related to each.

Composite Mars discordant to Composite Jupiter
The two of you will be inclined to take more risks in life than normal. You incite each other to better yourselves and to push towards making your dreams come true. You love to compete against one another and the outside world and you help each other reach for goals you may never have reached for before you came together. You are an optimistic couple and there is nothing you cannot do if you try.

Because of the wonderful energy and enthusiasm this aspect brings, if you do not find constructive outlets for your activities, then you may turn to bickering and fighting between yourselves. The competitiveness you have may find its outlet in pitting you both against each other in a war of egos. Stay active and keep busy because if you spend too much inactive time together, you will tend to annoy and frustrate each other. Restlessness, dissatisfaction and disappointments are the result when physical challenges, sports, outdoor activity and learning adventures are not included in daily activities. Your relationship demands action and activity.

On the negative side, don’t get caught up in the excitement and thrills of gambling. This can bring sorrow to each of you and to your relationship.

Composite Mars harmonizing with Composite Saturn
Over time you will be able to see your goals through to a very successful conclusion, but only with great patience and determination. You won’t see your efforts fade away, for they will stand the test of time. There is a slight danger here, however, and that is that even though this is a stable aspect for you, there can be a lack of happiness. Acting out of a sense of duty or responsibility may take the joy out of your being together. Your relationship at times may resemble a prison without the bars and it may be very disciplined at times, but you can accomplish quite a great deal in the meantime. Everything you do will have a well thought out, well planned, organized, conservative, work, work, work until we drop approach. Being responsible will be your goal in life and activities involving fun, adventure and exploring new and exciting things may be difficult for you to accomplish.

Composite Mars discordant to Composite Saturn
If you are looking for a relationship where you can be wild and crazy, then this isn’t the one. Everything you do in this relationship will be very methodical, planned, controlled and mechanical and the ways in which you express yourselves will be the same way. The principle of this aspect is blocked action. Resentment and hostility may build if you hold back any anger or frustration. At times you will feel stifled and limited in how you can express yourselves. Little irritations can build up until they get to the point where they may explode. Try to handle situations as they arise and be as honest as possible, because if you aren’t, your physical sexuality will be the final frontier, never to be visited. At times you can be very cold in your expression of affection and caring to each other. Or you may find frustration and disappointment in your relationship when one of you is amorous and the other takes on the qualities of ice. Withholding sex can be a form of manipulation, control or punishment. One of you may very well act as judge and jury for everything the other does.

There may be considerable challenges, obstacles, battles and frustrations for you to overcome in your relationship. Any problems in this relationship may last a very long time and only through great patience, perseverance and healthy communication will you be able to work through them.

Composite Mars harmonizing with Composite Uranus
As a couple you will enjoy being independent and living as free as possible, making your own rules. You are an adventure waiting to happen, any time, any place, and for whatever the reason. Even though this is a very positive configuration for a relationship, the fact is that you being together may never settle into a domestic triumph. Instead, your relationship will have to go with the flow in order to make it work. If you are looking for a relationship that offers loyalty and devotion from the other, then you might want to look elsewhere. Selfish attitudes may be brought out when you are together and possessiveness should be avoided if harmony is to reign. Neither of you will want to be told what to do and you need to give each other some freedom or else you may find you get on the other’s nerves.

On a positive note, should you use this wonderful energy to start new projects or enterprises, then you may be startled by the fortunate results of your efforts together. Don’t spend too long on it however, because boredom may set in, thus urging you to move on to the next ground-breaking endeavor. Your sex life will never be dull, but instead, it will be full of passion, intimacy, experimentation and adventure. For you both any physical adventure that involves a bit of daring is right up your alley.

Composite Mars discordant to Composite Uranus
This may be a very difficult relationship, filled with intense anger, frustration and unexpected outbursts. It will also be filled with passion and a wild disregard for caution as you go off on crazy adventures in every direction. This is an unsafe configuration for your physical well-being. You will never be at a loss for something exciting to do, but there will be a certain degree of self-centered attitudes which are quick to anger and which are highly unstable. Rebellion and a desire for freedom of restraint are present here. Great energy, innovation, creativity and experimentation attend this aspect.

People in your environment will either see you as a pair of wild and crazy people or perhaps as a dangerous couple. You won’t follow any rules because you will be making them up as you go along. There should not be any problem in the department of sex – you will find it spontaneous, exciting and sometimes out of control. You may expect to spend time in the emergency room or at the doctor’s office, as together you are an accident waiting to happen. Give each other some breathing room so you don’t get on each other’s nerves and then fly off the handle.

Composite Mars harmonizing with Composite Neptune
This is a rather cozy, perhaps lazy position for Neptune. By just being together you can come up with some great fantasies to pass the time. There may be some ideal for which you are both working to attain. You act to inspire each other to live out your dreams and to reach for your highest goals, no matter how far out of reach they may seem. But try to be as clear as possible when discussing your hopes, dreams and aspirations and go forward with them in a positive and practical way. You can easily put this energy to work in the charitable or humanitarian fields or get involved in some kind of volunteer work. Find an outlet that allows you to give rather than receive in order to get the best benefits from this aspect. Use caution in dealing with or associating with people who may try to use you as a crutch even though you are trying to help them.

Composite Mars discordant to Composite Neptune
Because of Neptune your goals and needs together may be difficult to pin down. If you can utilize the wonderful creative energies available with this aspect, then you can use your powers to make something from nothing, either physically or mentally. Neptune has a lot to do with imagination and the movies and photography, so you might come up with something very different, almost erotic in that realm. This carries over into your own personal sexual lives as well, unless either of you cannot fulfill the fantasy and desire of the other. Then ideals and illusions can end in disappointment. A great deal of honesty must be employed here so there are no misunderstandings about your expectations in each other. Otherwise, there can be intentional acts designed to mislead, confuse, deceive or manipulate the other. It may not be easy for either one of you to reinforce the other’s needs and give support when most needed. This may or may not be a conscious choice. A certain amount of detachment from your egos may be necessary in order to help your relationship grow and survive. Be careful that one or both of you do not become overly dependent on the other.

Composite Mars harmonizing with Composite Pluto
Any project the two of you work on together will be all or nothing and you will devote all of your time and energy into accomplishing what you set out to do. There are no halfway measures for the two of you. Once you get involved in a task, it will be extremely hard for you to do anything else until your desires have been satisfied. You have great perseverance. There is a lot of intense sexual energy here that involves you to your very core. If you are looking for a relationship that will transform you at very deep levels, then this is one for you. You may need a creative outlet for all of this energy and you might consider engaging in sports, body-building, healing or therapy work or music.

Composite Mars discordant to Composite Pluto
This combination is an extremely powerful force and when you use this energy you can make some considerable changes for either good or evil. Using this energy to challenge, manipulate or dominate each other or using underhanded methods to get what you want will only destroy your relationship in the long run. The anger that can be generated here may be very great and violent reactions can occur. You may compete fiercely with each other, even if you have never been the competitive type before. If this is carried too far, then one or both of you will get hurt. You should use all this power to transform yourselves and others or perform work or services for people in your environment. But do not force others into anything and do not force anything upon them. You cannot have stopped in your endeavors as this combination gives unbelievable capacity and endurance. The passion and sexual energy that burns between you may be intense and staying warm on a cold, winter’s night will not be difficult to do.

Composite Mars harmonizing with Composite Ascendant
This aspect is excellent for expressing yourselves fully and without worrying about making any compromises or loss of identity in the process. You will work together as a team, where neither of you has to pretend to be what you are not. You complement each other very nicely. Since Mars represents fire and energy, passion, physical expression and sex are likely to play an important part in your relationship. You will find that, as a couple, you will be able to accomplish a great deal more together than you could before you got together. There will be a great deal of activity between you because of the energy that Mars produces. Go out and get some exercise.

Composite Mars discordant to Composite Ascendant
This aspect suggests that both of you have egos that need stroking and this will be important to both of you. It does not show whether or not you will get along, but in times of crisis you can put on some sensational disagreements. You will spend too much time feeding your own egos to become involved in caring about the needs of each other. Making each other feel good will not be at the top of your list. But, irritating and frustrating each other will be. Problem is, neither of you will give in, or take what the other is giving out, and you will be very expressive in telling the other where to go, what time and how.

On the flip side of this coin, if other indications are favorable, this might be somehow helpful to you in that this aspect will reinforce your bond, making you even stronger together. People will see you as a force to be reckoned with, but be careful when applying that force so that people don’t turn against you because they perceive you as a threat.

There will be a great deal of activity between you because of the energy that Mars produces. Go out and get some exercise.

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