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Composite Pluto harmonizing with Composite Ascendant
This aspect indicates that a great deal of time will be spent in self-examination or in deep routinization of the relationship itself. You will seek new and exciting ways to not only change yourselves, but your relationship as well. A positive side of this process is that you will see parts of your personalities transform in very new and fascinating ways. These transformations will tend to be very natural and they will not be disruptive in any way. You will find that your hopes and dreams in life will be changed by your being together and what you thought you wanted from life will be altered as well. Your conversations will not be light-hearted nor unrealistic, but very practical and serious, because you know the importance of your relationship takes precedence over everything else in your lives. This aspect also generates an interest into the mysteries of life and this subject may take on an important role in your lives.

Composite Pluto discordant to Composite Ascendant
Yours is likely a very strong and powerful relationship. There are powerful forces here that can work in either positive or negative ways. Pluto is the planet of death and regeneration and as such, he will bring many changes into your lives. Many things will be brought about and brought to light, things and actions you didn’t even know you were capable of. At the very least this relationship may place you upon a much different path than you may have expected and any experiences within your relationship will be much more intense than ever before. One of the effects of a Pluto-based relationship is an intense fascination for each other that overrides all other interests or considerations in your life. This fascination and obsession can be one that has you going down a path of destruction, so you need to be very careful in this regard. There can also be tremendous power struggles within your relationship where one partner is much more dominant than the other and the second partner feels as though they have no will of their own. Under this manifestation of Pluto, the relationship may “self-destruct” when one tries to break free from the other, the result being a very difficult and bitter breakup.

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