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Composite Saturn harmonizing with Composite Uranus

For the two of you this configuration supports a very nice, secure, stable and structured environment in which you can both thrive. You can expect changes from time to time, but nothing that is going to rock the boat to the point of tipping it over. You will enjoy friends that are stable and some that are somewhat far out and you won’t have any problem fitting in with either. You should be able to pursue joint projects with unending fervor and bring them to a successful conclusion. There is a nice blending of energies here that lends support for the other, without infringing on the other’s space. This is one indication of a long, content and interesting life together.

Composite Saturn discordant to Composite Uranus
No matter how hard you may try, this relationship is bound to be full of tension, instability, uncertainty and frustration. One of you may be consumed with security, commitment and allowing the other little room to maneuver, while the other needs freedom without having a structured environment. Because of the need to have breathing room, there may be frequent separations between you that come up suddenly, without warning, signaling the breaking free of frustrating surroundings, situations or partners. If you value your relationship at all and if you want to make it work, then you MUST give it room to breathe. If you do not feel comfortable with each other right from the beginning, then this may be an indication of difficulties ahead. Unless the feeling of frustration and a cramped living style is released on a regular basis, this can lead to a permanent separation.

Composite Saturn harmonizing with Composite Neptune
This aspect takes the discipline of Saturn and combines it with the spiritual side of Neptune in a positive way. In your relationship you should find that life takes on a rather simple quality, without extravagance and without unnecessary diversion. Spiritual issues or ways of life may become very important subjects and the longer you are together, the more concrete your relationship can become. You may not find this a particularly passionate or romantic relationship, but instead, a very comfortable one that fulfills your spiritual, emotional and practical needs. Self-sacrifice to a higher order or to the wishes of others are especially favorable here.

Composite Saturn discordant to Composite Neptune
Yours may not be a very positive relationship, instead it may be fraught with confusion, deception and instability. You may find that you cannot rely on each other in time of need or support. This stems from the fact that you have difficulty deciding what your relationship is all about. There will seem to be a bond that puts you together, yet through your interaction you will discover the weaknesses, fears, insecurities and inadequacies the two of you have as a couple, even if you do not have these qualities as individuals. You may feel that you are controlled, manipulated and exploited. There may be self-doubts, even if you never experienced them before. If there are enough positive aspects elsewhere to counter this negativity, then this aspect can be helpful in finding out about yourself. If not, then you may need to reconsider your relationship carefully. You may even have to move on. This relationship is going to challenge everything you believe, both materially and spiritually, and you will have to back up your ideals or let them go. Deception may be a big part of your relationship, whether intended or not. Confusion may enter the picture as well. There may be a constant battle in knowing what is real and what is not. Unless honesty is adhered to, mistrust may be the underlying factor in the relationship’s end.

Composite Saturn harmonizing with Composite Pluto
The combination of these energies suggest that the two of you have come together as a team for the sake of a common goal. Dedication to each other and denying your own personal needs are the strengths that bind your union. You have the courage and fortitude to make any goal a reality, any project a prize. Be careful of any selfishness however, as that will undermine the trust you have in each other. You have the ability to make it through the darkest of times together and to grow stronger by the whole process. Your endurance and strength can be amazing. With fortitude, this is sure to be a very deep and lasting relationship.

Composite Saturn discordant to Composite Pluto
Your relationship may be destined to include difficult periods of frustration, stress, hardship and perhaps a bit of poverty. If you are looking for a relationship that offers comfort, good fortune, affection and ease, then this one may not be the one for you. Believe it or not, any or all of the adversity you face can act to bring you closer together, if you can just make it through the dark times. Make no mistake about it, the purpose of this configuration is to test you to the extreme. There are times when either of you will feel extremely limited or imprisoned just by being in this relationship, with your partner the jailer. Perhaps you feel your partner is manipulative and controlling. Outside circumstances may very well lend a hand in bringing conditions that bring tremendous burdens for you do deal with. This relationship may require some very great sacrifices with a more-than-determined attitude to see it through.

Composite Saturn harmonizing with Composite Ascendant
This aspect brings stability to your relationship and helps to keep it on an even course. Saturn prevents tremendous emotional highs and lows from occurring, thus steadying both of you. Even though this aspect is positive, it tends to indicate that your relationship lacks spontaneity and enthusiasm. Your relationship is likely to be more serious and practical and void of romantic fantasy. On a positive note, you can help to discipline each other’s weaknesses, thus bringing honesty and restraint into both your lives. This can be a relationship that helps you break free from impulsive and irresponsible tendencies. You may also find that this relationship does not allow you to express yourselves. Perhaps both of you are too rigid in your thinking and in your actions. Communication between you may not be your strong point, but this aspect should bring no harm to it. Instead you will tend to stay focused on practical issues, perhaps at the cost of everyday chit-chat.

Composite Saturn discordant to Composite Ascendant
You may feel that the bond between you is so strong that nothing can ever divide you apart. This is not necessarily because of an attraction between you, but rather because the tie that holds you together seems fated, inevitable or predestined. Getting out of this relationship may be difficult because of material, psychological or other uncontrollable factors. If at some point you want to leave this relationship, you will have to examine the real reasons why you are together in the first place. At the same time, you may look at this relationship and see that you don’t have anything in common to sustain a real working relationship. If you desire to be lovers or to enter into marriage, then you will have to look for more positive factors between your charts that can help support such a relationship. Even in the most positive relationship you may find that emotional expression between you is very inadequate. You may also find there are great barriers set in place that prevent the two of you from ever coming together. This can be caused by circumstance, previous relationships, great burdens or responsibilities connected with the relationship, present relationships or a great difference in age between you. This aspect is called the aspect of mutual alienation, unrewarding to say the least.

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