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Composite Uranus harmonizing with Composite Neptune
This is more than likely going to be a relationship that is almost magical in nature, perhaps one with an extreme involvement in psychic phenomena and psychic awareness. Yet while it may be totally inspiring with wonderful creativity and inspiration, it may at times also seem vague and restrictive. You will seek any chance to advance your knowledge of the universe and to expand your thinking spiritually.

Composite Uranus discordant to Composite Neptune
Your relationship will not fit the “norm” or standard of what everyone else does. On the contrary, you will seek to blaze new grounds, break the rules and dare to be different. To you there is nothing that cannot be realized and a better world is just a blink of an eye away. Unless there are other stabilizing combinations to ground and hold you together, this may be a very unstable and unrealistic relationship. You might find that society does not accept your views and integrating that world into yours will be very frustrating. Which one will be more giving and which one will have trouble adapting to change? This is an important question to be faced if you are going to make it. One of you may find that dabbling into occult subjects or psychic or spiritual phenomena is too much for you to handle, thus potentially adding to the instability in your relationship.

Composite Uranus harmonizing with Composite Pluto
You will see a great deal of change occurring in this relationship, but change, in this case, is to be considered a very positive thing, for it leads to growth, renewal, transformation and new insights. This is a pleasant aspect to have as it tends to keep you from getting bored with each other and the world you function in.

Composite Uranus discordant to Composite Pluto
This relationship is going to put you through some very big changes. If you are looking for a happy, peaceful and down-to-earth relationship, then this one may not be it. You may go through inescapable turmoil and change while you are together. Earth shaking and unexpected events will serve to mold your relationship and they will affect other people around you as well. If you can hold it together, then you can serve as an instrument of change in the world around you. This can strengthen the bond between you. It will be easy to notice when the bottom is going to fall out of your blissful life together. Simply observe how long “peace” has been in your life. Once peace arrives, shakeups may be soon to follow.

Composite Uranus harmonizing with Composite Ascendant
This aspect will prove to be very high-spirited for the both of you. It will help you both to view the world around you in ways you never knew existed. You probably came together under very odd, crazy, spontaneous or outrageous conditions and in each other’s company, you will find the freedom to express yourselves in new, exciting and wonderful ways, with positive instead of negative results. Both of you will have to be very flexible in attitude, though, and give each other a lot of breathing room without a rigid sense of establishment. Try to put order and rules on this relationship and both of you are going to be very unhappy. Passing up this relationship might be a real mistake however, as your experience together will be like no other. You will adapt new ways of thinking and will find that you cannot tolerate boredom, so you will always be on the go together. Your relationship will be electric and very animated, to say the least.

Composite Uranus discordant to Composite Ascendant
Since this aspect is such a strong one, it will have a great effect on your lives together. No doubt this relationship will open you up too many new, exciting and unstable experiences. Uranus loves to upset the applecart of anything he touches, so any changes experienced here will be sudden, out-of-the-blue and potentially very challenging to all your basic ideas of what life is all about. The way you will tend to react to all of these changes depends on how you grew up and how you functioned before you came together. If you are more rigid and structured, then the changes will be difficult as Uranus will attempt to break the mold of the past and form a new one. Unfortunately, Uranus never asks permission, so the changes here may be quite unnerving.

When you first met, you may have noticed vast differences in your backgrounds. Or perhaps you just constantly challenged each other and you liked the thrills that brought. Look carefully at the challenges, though, and see if they aren’t just rebellion in disguise. If you are looking for stability in a relationship, then this one may not be the one for you because Uranus loves to upset life in any way possible.

The great amount of restlessness that is probably within your relationship may be too much for either of you to handle. If this relationship is to have any chance of success, then you must give each other a lot of freedom and room to breathe. Allow yourselves to go with the flow and to follow the relationship’s own natural course. Or let it go!

You may also find that outside factors or people provide unstable conditions for you so that you cannot be comfortable together or without incident. Uranus here indicates that you may be coming from two entirely different directions in life and this may be providing difficulty right from the beginning. Question why you are in this relationship. Are you rebelling against the world, your parents or other factors? If so, then this may not be the relationship for you.

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