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Composite Moon harmonizing with Composite Sun
This is one of the most fortunate aspects you can have, not only for love, but for friendship as well. There is a natural sense of harmony, balance and flow in your relationship and you fit very well together, like pieces in a jig-saw puzzle. But just because your relationship may have come together very easily and naturally, never, ever take your partner for granted.

You will treat each other as equals and will not resort to game-playing or petty competition like other couples. You will gladly give to your partner and you are able to receive as well. You will find that you can always depend on each other, no matter what the circumstance. Each of you will act as a teacher for each other and you will learn a lot from and about each other in the process.

This aspect lessens the chances of those challenges and obstacles in your life together that some couples struggle with over their survival. You should be able to come out on top with less effort than most people are required to give under the same circumstances. Give your relationship the respect it deserves for there will be many that envy what you have.

There will be no dominating partner here, nor will you have to worry about one partner manipulating the other. In matters of communication, there should be an easy rapport between you, with very little chance of misunderstanding. Your viewpoints on issues will tend to be the same and you will enjoy the strong emotional bond between you. This aspect is a strong indication of sexual attraction between you, which was perhaps a main factor in your getting together in the first place.

Composite Moon discordant to Composite Sun
Even though this aspect indicates a strong attraction between you, it also at the same time indicates a rejection of each other as well. There may be a great deal of resistance to the two of you coming together. Yes, there is the excitement you share in being together, but your differences in backgrounds, preferences, dispositions and habits may have you coming from two extremely different worlds. You may find these differences a real turn on at first, but they may not stand up to the test of time. Don’t expect live-in arrangements to last for very long, as separations may occur when each of you decides they need more breathing room. But in the same way a magnet attracts, you will find yourself returning to your relationship over and over again. Over a period of time, and once the bond has been formed, it may be next to impossible to escape the grip of one another.

Another of the negative sides to this configuration is the need to constantly compete against one another for superiority, not realizing that if you just put your energies together, you could rise to a new level of accomplishment and understanding. One of the reasons you were drawn to each other is to help you grow through obstacles and to see viewpoints other than your own.

If one of you is more energetic, outgoing and aggressive and the other is more passive, then this can act to build tension in the relationship. One partner may feel the other is not as serious about commitment or in pulling their own weight. Your relationship is basically out of balance. If you are looking for stability, then perhaps you need to look elsewhere. But if you are looking to grow as a couple, then try it, at least for as long as you can stand it.

Composite Moon harmonizing with Composite Mercury
Through the energy of this aspect you will gain a better understanding of each other’s emotional makeup. You will enjoy telling each other “secrets”, share private thoughts, confide in each other a great deal, and literally talk for hours. Family history, your past conquests as well as your failures, visiting childhood “hang outs”, checking out your ancestry, looking at old photos, sharing your dreams and desires and discussing your views on parenting will be very important and special as well.

If you are not the type of person who opens up and communicates your feelings and desires, then this relationship will likely change all of that for the better. You will make great psychotherapists for each other, always ready and willing to listen. Discussions can become a little too personal at times, but it won’t seem to bother you, as you know you can trust your partner to keep the confidences that you have bestowed on them. The nice thing is that you can discuss your problems and have them met with understanding.

Composite Moon discordant to Composite Mercury
There is no doubt that in this relationship you will become aware of very deep feelings that you may or may not have been aware of previously. There are likely to be some difficult differences in your disposition, upbringing, viewpoints, thinking and emotional makeup that will have to be worked on very carefully. Your relationship will force you to talk about issues that perhaps you do not want to talk about. Differences in food preferences or its preparation right up to issues in raising children, these are the kinds of topics that you both may need to work on together. New ways of looking at things will be the result of this scrutiny.

Major influences from your past, right down to the core of your belief system will come under the gun of discussion with this aspect. One thing is for sure, by being together you will gain a greater understanding of yourselves and each other.

There may be differences in opinion, for example, on the holidays, as to who to have over, what to make to feed them, when to have the meal etc., which will be colored by past conditioning and this may be what is at the center of your discontent. You will have to try to understand and respect where your partner is coming from if you are going to get along. If you can open up to the root cause of these differences, then you will find yourselves becoming very close to one another. But if your feelings and discussions become all bottled up, then it can cause real friction for both of you.

Composite Moon harmonizing with Composite Venus
There is really a very kind, compassionate, loving and tender union between the two of you which will result in a very close emotional bond. You are willing to commit to each other fully and unconditionally, taking care of each other’s needs and desires. When you are together you feel secure and protected and you will dedicate a lot of your time seeing to the needs of the other. It will seem that the desire to make each other happy is at the top of your priority list and you will instinctively know how to do just that.

There is a stronger desire to make a family unit with this aspect and also a strong desire to make a home life together. This aspect is a very strong indication of a very loving relationship which will help you in a great many ways. Especially when times get tough, this aspect will see you through the dark days together. Yours should prove to be a very lasting tie.

Composite Moon discordant to Composite Venus
Compassion, love, friendship, kindness and caring summarize the essence of this configuration. There is a real sense of unity and coming together between you, even in the smallest moments of separation that do occur. Affection seems to be bursting at the seams. You really tend to make each other complete when you are together and you can blend your separate abilities to form a union of one.

In time you will find that you really do need each other, and the joy of taking care of each other will permeate your total being. There will also be a dependency on each other which will be very endearing as well. And although you may notice a lot of differences between you, you still seem to be with the “right” person. Find the commonality between you and don’t focus on your differences.

Although this is an extremely favorable aspect, you may find that meddling, interfering people (parents, past lovers, etc.) will have to be dealt with before the bonds spoken about above can fully be realized. There will also be a growing desire to have children and to build a strong home front together.

Composite Moon harmonizing with Composite Mars
Together you will be impulsive, yet controlled for the most part, with an abundance of “sizzle” to last through any cold winter’s night. There will be an aggressive quality to your relationship, and even though for the most part it is warm, very passionate and emotional, at times it can be too hot to handle. Heated arguments will not be hard to find, but making up can be lots of fun! This is sure to be a very tense, direct and focused relationship where from time to time, you will need to let off steam through verbal and physical expression. You make a wonderful team together for going out and conquering the world.

There is an abundance of energy here and you do things with great flair, usually on the spur of the moment. Be sure to go out and find constructive outlets for your energy so that you do not turn it negatively towards each other. Play and work together and allow each other to fully express themselves.

Composite Moon discordant to Composite Mars
Unless you are very careful, this relationship, that no doubt began like a bomb bursting in air, can end in disaster. The intensity and volatility between you is such that it can burn you up and consume you completely. Even if anger is not a part of your separate make-ups, this relationship may bring it out in both of you. This aspect tends to bring some really difficult confrontations and at times you will really aggravate and irritate each other, sometimes to the point of wanting to smack them upside the head. This, of course, would be totally ill-advised. If a fighting spirit is what you need and what you are looking for, then you have found the right partner. Just be sure to put your energies into something constructive rather than using them to “destroy” your partner.

In the best of times there will be uncontrollable passion, love that cries out for the night. In the worst of times there will be outbursts, temper tantrums and other emotional storms and if these are not held in check, they could lead to violence. Yours can be an extremely competitive relationship and a very selfish one as well, if you are not careful. If you are looking for stability in a relationship, then this aspect will not support your wishes. What this aspect does give is intensity. Should the rest of the chart support a loving, caring and stable relationship, then this aspect will give you a little zing for added measure.

Composite Moon harmonizing with Composite Jupiter
This “helping hand” aspect with benefic Jupiter will bring some wonderful blessings into your lives and together you will be very fortunate. Material and financial matters should never be a problem, in fact, you should find things very rewarding. Any misfortune is likely to be short-lived and you seem to bounce back stronger than ever with this helping hand. While you are together you will always be optimistic and in a very positive frame of mind. Your positive outlook will rub off on others through your own generosity, hospitality, good cheer and warmth. The home that you share together will be very comfortable and probably large and it will provide a haven for you and your guests to feel secure in as well.

Not only do you provide positive support for your friends and family, you also help to encourage and support each other as well. You respect your partner’s feelings and you try to keep them safe from the emotional hurt others might cause them. This strengthens the bond between you and gives you both a very emotionally happy and satisfying life.

Composite Moon discordant to Composite Jupiter

Over-optimism is the theme of this relationship. You inspire each other to live life to the fullest, but you can take on too much and overdo the luxuries of life, never realizing that there is a price to be paid for everything. The main theme of this aspect is to let go and have fun, live it up and go for the gusto. But just because you are enjoying yourself so much, do not ignore the problems that all couples have. Ignoring them will not make them go away.

After all is said and done, people will marvel at the seemingly miraculous good luck and good fortune that always seem to come your way. There is an evident streak of good luck that seems to happen when you are together.

Your home is apt to be large, well-furnished and comfortable, and everyone that comes there will appreciate your warmth and generosity. One of the drawbacks that can occur here, though, is becoming too comfortable, not appreciating the blessings you have and taking everything for granted.

Use caution that you don’t become so comfortable that you mismanage your funds, overspend and get in over your heads with debt. The two of you do have a tendency to be overly extravagant.

Composite Moon harmonizing with Composite Saturn
If you are looking for true loyalty, a committed relationship, a stable environment and a long-lasting relationship, then you have chosen wisely. You will always be there for your partner and you can be counted on in the smallest of details to render emotional support for each other. This will build a very strong and secure bond between you, thus giving you great strength upon which to lean.

As a team you are very methodical in making your plans and organizing your future. You will be very practical in your expectations of each other, never pushing the other to endure more than they can handle. Any long-term investments in land or other joint ventures should prove to be very fulfilling as well.

Composite Moon discordant to Composite Saturn
If you can stand the separation, frustration, distancing and withdrawing from each other that this aspect tends to cause, then you might grow quite a bit from this experience. Even in the best of circumstances, in time you may become very distant and detached, living a very mechanical and unemotional existence.

There is another possibility, however. This is the one where you want to be together very much, but other commitments and outside obligations won’t allow you to do so on a full-time basis. This will also prove to be a very unfulfilling emotional experience, even though closeness is what you desire above all.

Unfortunately, this may be a situation where karmic conditions are teaching you lessons though pure frustration and emotional torment. You will have to find other ways to be emotionally fulfilled rather than looking for support through this relationship.

This aspect is not an indication that you won’t ever come together but it does tend to indicate that the short periods of mutual happiness you may experience will be overcast by long, dry periods of emotional isolation. Both of you may find that you end up quite lonely or insecure because of your experience together.

Composite Moon harmonizing with Composite Uranus
If you are looking for a cozy, down-to-earth, quiet, uneventful relationship, then might I suggest a stuffed animal instead, because this relationship is sure to be very changeable, untraditional and unstable. People will have difficulty believing that you are together at all. Your togetherness may even surprise you. You will not fit any pattern, but instead, will break every rule in the book for survival. Home life is sure to be very unconventional. Either that or you may be constantly on the move, always looking for some utopian existence. A “normal” life is not destined to be with this aspect of the Moon.

Should you be looking for a relationship that offers total excitement, with some experimentation and frequent departures into the odd and bizarre side of life and living, then you will fit right in here. Old patterns of thinking and life will dissipate, with new emotional values taking their place. At times this relationship can be somewhat upsetting, but it will also be quite an eye opener at the same time. You will notice that a great deal of emotional freedom will need to be given if your relationship is going to survive. Being possessive of your partner is a sure way to end your relationship with them.

Composite Moon discordant to Composite Uranus
This relationship has nothing to do with being settled, secure or boring. Once you begin to feel comfortable, then look out, because the bottom is surely getting ready to fall out from under you. This relationship may be quite upsetting or exciting, probably at the same time, depending on your individual backgrounds and how you handle change. Can you live with insecurity and unpredictable behavior? If so, then hang on for the ride of your lives.

Yours is likely destined to be an untraditional relationship, where the rules and expectations you were brought up with will not apply. An alternative sexual and emotional expression, an open instead of monogamous lifestyle or some other radically different mode of life is possible. If you are looking to change your life and your lifestyle, then go for this relationship! In time you may find that this is an on-again, off-again type of arrangement which never settles into anything permanent. Regardless, the best way to approach this aspect is to give your partner a lot of breathing room, keep your expectations to a minimum, enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts, and keep an open mind for new and different things about which to learn.

Composite Moon harmonizing with Composite Neptune
This aspect can represent the union of two souls in spiritual harmony. In a very short time of being together you may instinctively share each other’s thoughts, feelings, desires, moods and emotional needs. There will be a real magical blend between you. Compassion, sympathy, sensitivity, tenderness and telepathic communication only serve to strengthen the bond between you. All this sounds really great, right? Well, just be sure that it is there in reality and not simply in your minds. This aspect can cause your imaginations to run away from you and lead you to some very strange places. Deal with the real and the practical.

There is a greater need to nurture and take care of each other with this aspect. As intimated previously, since this aspect has so much to do with illusion and the imagination, you must be careful to ground yourself in a reality, just to be on the safe side. Otherwise, your spiritual world will present itself as only an illusion.

Should either of you have a history of drug problems, alcohol abuse or other escapist tendencies, do not try to “save” or “heal” the other without the proper knowledge or it can end in disaster.

There may be difficulties with sex in this relationship because one or both of you may feel that your relationship should not be brought down to the lower levels from its high spiritual state. You may feel that sex would “dirty” an otherwise pure and holy union. This is fine as long as both of you feel the same way.

Composite Moon discordant to Composite Neptune
Neptune always paints a picture of illusion, fantasy, hope and the ideal. On a positive note the spiritual side of your relationship may be very strong and you may indeed feel very close to each other on unspoken levels. Because of Neptune you will be very much in tune with each other’s emotions and feelings right from the start. But this may add confusion to your relationship if communications are not kept open.

Now for the not so good news. Since Neptune loves to paint a pretty picture, you can easily misread each other’s intentions or exaggerate feelings or trusts that are not really there. You really need to be very careful of the hopes or expectations in your relationship as they are apt not to work out. Try to be as honest as possible with each other so there is no self-deception or misunderstandings. Religious cults, people who try to deceive or use you, or swindling or deceiving each other is a very real side effect of this aspect.

There may be the desire by one or both of you to escape your own problems by trying to “save” your partner. This will cause great pain in the long run if you allow it to happen. Playing the martyr for the other is also a way to ruin this relationship. No one can save anyone but themselves. You both must not allow yourselves to be carried away by the illusive, idealistic, deceptive tendencies of Neptune. This cannot be stressed enough.

Should either of you have a history of drug problems, alcohol abuse or other escapist tendencies, do not try to “save” or “heal” the other without the proper knowledge or it can end in disaster.

Composite Moon harmonizing with Composite Pluto
This is sure to be a very strong and powerful relationship. There is a fated quality that seems to draw you two together and the bond you create will seem irresistible and it will be quite intense. You will want to spend a great deal of time together and will want to know each other very deeply. Should you be looking for just a causal relationship, then you might be advised to move on to something you can better handle. The chances of you being able to do so are perhaps slim, though,

Even with a harmonizing aspect between these two planets, there still may be a certain amount of jealousy and possessiveness between you. You probably need to talk to each other in an honest way to find out why this is so. Does one of you want to control the other? Sharing your feelings and being completely open with each other is a very positive aspect with this configuration.

You may have found that you came together at a time when a very profoundly upsetting experience happened in your lives. Such events can transform you in a way whereby your hearts just naturally open to each other. You can be the healer that your partner needs in order to get over past painful experiences or relationships.

Composite Moon discordant to Composite Pluto
This may not be an easy, satisfying or peaceful relationship. Great depths of feeling, emotional struggles and frustration summarize this aspect. The purpose of your relationship is to draw out the emotional and intuitive difficulties from past conditioning and finally come to terms with them.

Impulsive and compulsive behavior traits may manifest with at least one of you and you must be very careful not to use ploys such as guilt, abuse, manipulation, jealousy and especially emotional blackmail to get what you want from the other. You may have to contend with extreme emotions of attachment, possessiveness, dependency and feelings that you simply cannot live without the other.

You must be completely honest with each other if you are going to make this relationship work. One thing is for sure, this is going to be one of the most powerful and intense relationships you will ever experience. Yes, it will seem that this relationship is somehow fated and that the Fates have drawn you together like a magnet for some strange purpose. Old emotional hurts, wounds, grief or jealousy may be brought out into the open so that you have a chance to transform them into something better. And who better to help you do that than an old friend from by-gone days, one who has the intensity to perform such a great work.

Composite Moon harmonizing with Composite Ascendant
This aspect indicates that you both have the ability to express your emotions without feeling vulnerable. You will seldom feel that your partner is holding something back or emotionally detaching from you. This is most fortunate for a love relationship where you understand each other’s emotional feelings at a very deep level and relate to each other as one, thus making your bond quite strong and durable. People in your environment will see that together you have a real emotional strength that they can relate to, and even envy. There will be a greater tolerance for each other’s faults as well, especially in difficult times. You share similar habits which will be very difficult to break, as they are programmed into your systems. The people you choose as friends or those you relate with will have the same emotional makeup or understanding as you and you will share a well-rounded emotional and intellectual rapport.

Composite Moon discordant to Composite Ascendant
This aspect indicates that yours will be a very emotional relationship and be more suited for a personal relationship rather than a business or professional one. Since the Moon signifies direct emotional involvement, you may not be able to detach yourselves from situations that require it. You will share some very deep feelings that other couples will not be able to achieve. This in itself can bring some problems in that when you are in periods of stress, you will not be able to be objective and find the root cause of the problems. At this point you may blame and argue with each other for things that you are directly responsible for. This can be a trying aspect unless there are other aspects between your charts that lend support and harmony to the relationship.

Problems can come between you if your backgrounds and past histories are different. Emotional understanding and sympathy may be lacking due to perceptions regarding past experiences and the habit patterns that may have formed because of them. Live in the here and now and try to forget what may have happened in the past.

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