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Composite Sun harmonizing with Composite Mars
As a couple, you will be active, energetic, courageous and able to accomplish a great deal. You will find that just being in each other’s company energizes you and inspires you to try and excel even more. Sports, physical activities and outdoor pursuits will be your strengths and you will find that you do very well in them.

You naturally inspire each other and become each other’s confidence- builder, gently pushing the other to be more assertive. Not only do you support each other, but you take pride in each other’s work, accomplishments and achievements.

Because this is such an energetic configuration, the sexual side of your relationship may tend to rejuvenate you over and over again. This an excellent aspect for business and personal partnerships. As a couple, you seem to know the right course or path in life to take together and don’t mind taking it. Any emergency situations that arise will be handled efficiently and with level-headed assurance, thus helping you stabilize each other and giving you tremendous strength.

Composite Sun discordant to Composite Mars
At the very least you excite each other and arouse very strong energies within your partner and you will have to learn how to handle passion, anger and conflict in positive and creative ways. You will find that when you are together that you can be extremely competitive, anxious, boisterous, and energetic.

If you are looking for a relationship that is quiet and calm, then you have the wrong relationship here. But if you harness all of this energy to create something, then you can make wonders happen together. The desire to win, to compete, to excel, to make war instead of peace, to encourage each other to succeed and to be courageous exist in this truly dynamic aspect. Remember, however, that because these energies are so aggressive and irritating, they must be channeled constructively or very negative results will occur. If you allow the negatives to operate, then the question is, “Which one of you will be the bigger bully to the other?”.

This combination demands activity and accomplishment and that should be the underlying element in your relationship. Because this aspect also generates a great deal of heat, the sexual, lustful and communicative levels will all be quite intense as well.

There is a great deal of self-confidence generated here, so try not to force issues beyond a workable level. Games of competition, physical exertion and sports are an excellent way to use this tremendous energy. As with other intense energies, you must be careful how you use this energy so you do not hurt other people around you. Because this aspect is so impulsive, you should be careful that the aggressive nature of this energy does not turn into anger and that you do not resort to physical abuse or injury to settle your differences.

Composite Sun harmonizing with Composite Jupiter
Jupiter brings substantial advantage, growth, progress, success and increase into your lives. Good fortune, achievement and blessings will arrive in ways that cannot be measured, simply by your being together. It can never be said that you want for anything with this aspect and, instead of limitations being placed upon you, opportunities never imagined will now come your way. Higher thoughts of expression and philosophical and religious pursuits may become part of your daily life. Expanding your education or beliefs can now be possible.

You make each other happy just by being together and the world becomes a much more satisfying place for you because of your togetherness. Travel, especially the long distance kind, or connections to people of different cultures may also play an important part in your lives.

Success in all endeavors is indicated by this aspect. You may notice considerable financial improvement and the happiness you share will rub off on others as you seek to improve their lives as well. Sharing the good life may take its toll in the weight department, though, because Jupiter loves to expand whatever he touches, the old waist line included. You may also enjoy some surprising results with lotteries and speculations, as long as you don’t overdo it.

As a couple you will enjoy popularity and any legal matters that happen to arise will probably be settled much more in your favor with benefic Jupiter here.

The biggest danger with this aspect is that you may get carried away with all the bounty and benefits bestowed and overindulge yourselves beyond your means. False pride and showing off can also happen with this aspect, so keep an eye out for that.

Composite Sun discordant to Composite Jupiter
You have great faith in each other and you inspire, encourage and cheer each other on with great exuberance. The problem here, though, may be that your hopes for each other are unrealistic and that reality isn’t met by your visionary expectations, even though an aura of confidence and positive affirmations surround you. You may spend a great deal of time, energy and money in your quests and you may travel a great deal because of internal restlessness, but your plans are apt to not work out.

Religion, education, and philosophy are interests that you share, but the difficulty may lie in that there are differences between you in accepting the other’s ideas so, instead of expansion, these differences bring stagnation or apathy.

Practical considerations may go right out the window when making decisions and large-scale errors in judgment may be made, thus leading to failure instead of success. You seem to count on things before they have materialized and this leaves you somewhat disillusioned by the whole process. Failure can be realized in business, romance and gambling because of foolish optimism.

Another danger here is that you both may promise more to the relationship than you can deliver, thus leaving one of you feeling that the other is unreliable. Ego confrontations are also a part of the picture and difficulties may arise with authority figures such as parents. You may also go overboard with finances which results in loss. The two of you will tend to be very materialistic, extravagant and arrogant, spending money on useless items just for the sake of show. These actions will eventually show you the error of your ways.

If you are not careful, there can be minor brushes with the law so you would be well advised to keep your noses clean.

Composite Sun harmonizing with Composite Saturn
This is a wonderful indicator of a long-lasting relationship and it will help to bring more stability, dedication and maturity to you both. You will find that together your life becomes more secure as you put your focus will on responsibilities and practical issues. This is sure to forge a very strong bond between you which will help you form a peaceful and content relationship rather than one based on jet- setting or living high on the hog. Be careful that after a period of time you do not take each other for granted even though yours is a very comfortable relationship.

Your relationship will enable you to learn a great deal about yourselves. You will probably prefer peace and quiet to any other form of lifestyle. There will not be much experimentation and digging deeper into your psyches here and you will be more reserved in the way you express your feelings for each other. Even though people may see you as somewhat cool, calm and collected toward each other, they will not understand that you do not need constant verbal reassurances to remind you of what you already feel on a very deep level.

In time you will find that when the chips are down and the going gets tough, that you can always count on each other, because loyalty, friendship and reliability are positive and nurturing aspects of your life together. When it comes to the hum-drum art of daily living, taking care of work and the responsibilities you have to each other, this is the energy you want to see you through. And you have it!

Composite Sun discordant to Composite Saturn
This aspect is an indication that by being together you will share very powerful learning experiences which should not be taken lightly. Yours may very well be a fated and unavoidable relationship as well. Your relationship may be short-termed or long, but understand that Sun/Saturn bonds are not easily broken and they tend to bind you together for good or ill.

Your relationship together will expose facets of your personalities that you were unaware of and that you may not want to face. If you can take this opportunity to learn and grow, then you will discover a great deal about your faults and weaknesses. And the only way to overcome your weaknesses is to squarely face them and resolve to correct what needs correcting.

If you are looking for a foot-loose and fancy-free relationship, then don’t enter into this one because you are likely to feel like a dog on a leash, and a short one at that. Limitations and confinement surround this aspect and unless you are looking for a little discipline, then it would be better to leave that to the boot camp drill instructor. Make no mistake, with this aspect there will be times when you feel you are restrained and confined just like in prison.

On a positive note, if you have been irresponsible and immature, then this relationship will show you the error of your ways and how you can improve. There is nothing like a little maturity to help us be better people. If your experience together is needed as part of a master plan, then you may very well have a long association. If not, then your relationship may be short-lived.

You may very well blame each other for all of the difficulties within your relationship. Each of you may see the other as the controller, the manipulator, the disapproving authority figure, the judge and jury, the stick in the mud who has no sense of humor at all. Constant duties, obligations and responsibilities may sap all the life out of your being together, yet you may continue to do them as though you were driven by some slave driver. This aspect does give a sense of security and that sense should not be taken lightly.

Personal one-on-one attachment, affection, fondness and tenderness will be lost to responsibility and hard work. This might be good in a working business partnership, but in a close personal relationship feeling will probably suffer.

You can expect a great deal of struggle, hardship and having to overcome adversity at every turn. One of you may very well become a great burden to the other in some way, thus helping them or yourself to mature and become more self-reliant.

Financial hardships, possible chronic health, oppression, obligations, and restrictions sum up the balance of this configuration. Yet this aspect does give you the power to endure and to overcome.

Composite Sun harmonizing with Composite Uranus
By virtue of the energy given by this aspect, there will be many changes introduced into both your lives. This configuration adds adventure, unconventional behavior, experimentation and new thoughts, ideas and philosophies into your lives. You will respect the other’s need for space and freedom and although other people may look at you as though you have taken a left turn out of reality, this relationship will be comfortable for you. Although there will be many sudden and unusual happenings, you have the ability to deal with them in a positive way and thus grow from these lessons.

Together you will experience new ideas and concepts and your lives together will be full, with no expectations other than the joy of just being together. You will find that your relationship gives you both new understandings into the workings of the world, thus opening you up to new ways of self-expression.

The wheel of good fortune can easily find you and it may bring you advancement, creative endeavors, widening social circles, greater popularity, an adventure or two, and perhaps some profitable speculations. This relationship will signal an important turning point in your lives, especially if you are looking for something totally different and new.

There is an added responsibility that comes with this aspect and it is called honesty. Honesty not only with each other, but within yourselves so that you will keep your lives on track with each other, while yet, at the same time, allowing you to explore friendships with others outside your own personal relationship. You will encourage each other to be free, uninhibited, and perhaps at times somewhat detached or impersonal because you are secure in your lives together. You push each other to be self-reliant, individualistic and free- thinking.

Composite Sun discordant to Composite Uranus
This is perhaps a relationship that arrived out of the blue, when neither one of you was looking for it. If you are looking for a stable and comfortable relationship, then forget that and either get used to an unsettled, rattled, disruptive and disoriented lifestyle or don’t stick around at all! You will either find this relationship to be liberating and eye-opening or it will scare the pants off you both. You may find the unconventionality and unpredictability of this relationship too much for you to handle, but you can count on one thing. It will serve to open you up to experiences you have never before considered. Traditional ideas go right out the window with this aspect. Endless challenges will make stability between you impossible. Just as the situation starts to stabilize, another event occurs to rock you off your foundation.

Several things are for sure. Your relationship will be full of surprises, it will be totally unpredictable and ever-changing and it will probably never be peaceful and totally secure. If you are looking for some adventure and can change with the moving scenery, then this relationship can be downright exciting. You may very well run into problems with the people in your community who see you as rebels, troublemakers and as potential threats to their peace and security. On the other hand, any challenges from your community or from the people outside your relationship can help to cement a bond between you, thus drawing you closer together.

A wild affair, a liberating experience, a walk on the wild side, a break from boredom, a refreshing change or way too hot to handle – your relationship can be any or all of these. High, electric nervous tension exists here and you will constantly need to be on the move in order to maintain levels of sanity. Plenty of breathing room and occasional separations from your partner are needed so that you simply don’t burn out. Difficulties in legal problems can develop here because of the rebellious quality of your relationship.

You will be much better off with each other if you don’t constantly challenge each other’s basic beliefs. At first this can be exciting, but too much of it will only get tiring, leaving the worn-out one of you possibly looking for someone else who isn’t so much maintenance and who doesn’t cause so much wear and tear.

Composite Sun harmonizing with Composite Neptune
This aspect suggests that this will probably be a very strong platonic relationship. It will be filled with spiritual, metaphysical, intuitive and psychic energy that only the two of you understand. You will be able to very strongly sense each other’s presence and you are able to tune into what the other person is thinking, even if you are not together. If either of you haven’t considered the spiritual or psychic realms before, then you may now with this aspect. People will view you as having your heads in the clouds, impervious to what is going on around you. This is the only danger because eventually you are going to have to come back down to earth and deal with reality.

People around you will not see yours as a realistic relationship. They will view it as very impractical. Humanitarian and charitable acts as well as generosity for people less fortunate will serve to rebuild your lives in very special ways. You will do things you have never dreamed about before. Long distance travel together for pleasure, meditation, spiritual quests or for just being plain lazy are all effects of this aspect.

Don’t let a lack of concern for material affairs keep you from doing your worldly duties. As long as we are on this planet, we do have earthly responsibilities that we must address. Avoiding these responsibilities will only bring trouble in the long run. Don’t go looking for trouble – it will find you quick enough by itself.

Composite Sun discordant to Composite Neptune
Step back and take a long, hard look at this relationship. What do you see? Chances are you see the illusion of what it is rather than the reality. What you see in each other is a fantasy of sorts, full of hope, dreams, romance and balance, which only has its place in a magician’s act. This relationship has the potential to confuse and deceive you because of the wonderful picture it paints.

Honesty will have to play a big part in this relationship if it is to succeed, and even at that, someone you trust should be employed as a third party sounding board before any big decisions are made or even considered.

It may be that you refuse to face the truth about what this relationship really is. One or both of you may out-and-out lie and deceive the other. “I’ll save you!”, should perhaps be the theme of this aspect, as one or both of you tries to save the other through total sacrifice to your partner, thus furthering the delusions in your relationship. The thing to remember is that neither of you can rescue the other no matter what you perceive their problems to be. If you try, then you will drown along with them. One lesson of this relationship is that you must learn to relate to each other as equals and not to impose unrealistic expectations on the other.

Financial or business arrangements should never be the prime factor for a relationship with this aspect, as things will end in disaster. Misunderstandings, failure, deception, scandal, and drug, drinking or gambling problems surround this energy.

Composite Sun harmonizing with Composite Pluto
This aspect is sure to give a very strong and powerful bond. The energy present here will change both of you at very deep levels. In time you will know every aspect of each other’s personality and you will reveal secrets to each other that others will never know. A passionate and emotional nature is a powerful part of this configuration and this will help make you even closer.

You will make a very dynamic and powerful team and you can make major differences and changes not only in your own lives, but in the lives of the people around you as well. Should you decide to serve others in some way, then you will have a very positive effect on their lives. Any difficulties that you experience in this relationship will be transformed by this aspect. This relationship will be a very serious one and it is likely to involve more of you than any relationship you have had before it.

Because of the transforming and probing energies in this aspect, normal patterns of existence and behavior will be changed by your relationship and new insight into your lives will be revealed. Together you will have an unlimited faith that will see you through any situation and thus transform you in the process.

Investigating the unknown, delving into unchartered territories, achieving great accomplishments and creatively constructing something from virtually nothing is all possible for the two of you working together as a team. Scientific, business and financial endeavors may be your strong suit. You can be excellent bargain hunters together and you can work with and profit from taxes, insurance, wills or things connected with the dead. There are strong and potent clairvoyant and intuitive abilities at work here as well.

You can expect fate and unexpected events to play a role in bringing this relationship together and keeping it on course.

Composite Sun discordant to Composite Pluto
This aspect is an indicator of either a very strong love-hate relationship or a relationship that possesses magnetic attraction and repulsion at the same time. This stems from the qualities of Pluto that want to try to dominate, to wield the power, to manipulate and to control. If you try to use this Plutonian energy in negative ways, there are likely to be some very violent responses to your efforts. This relationship may be headed for some real heavy-duty conflicts!

One or both of you may feel a strong need to dig deeply into the abyss of your partner’s mind, ferreting out any and all information until there is nothing left but mush. If you are going to make this relationship work, then teamwork is required. You need to treat each other as equals with neither one of you holding the balance of power. If you cannot do this, then you may not want to get involved at all, as if you could avoid it! The relationship’s positive potential is not impossible, but the greatest caution is advised to recognize the pitfalls.

Another word of caution, if you do marry and decide you can no longer live with the heat this oven produces, then I suggest you dig a trench and get set for open warfare while you decide at great risk to life and limb who gets custody of the goldfish! Possessiveness is obviously one of the negative traits of this aspect.

Power struggles, misunderstandings and quarrels can easily develop between you and your partner. Any dishonesty between the two of you is sure to be brought out into the open and you will have a heck of a time dealing with it. This is not a light or frivolous relationship, and, in time, you will get to know each other completely and once the bond is forged, it cannot easily be undone.

In case you have not figured it out by now, this relationship may be a fated, meant-to-be, irresistible, unavoidable connection and circumstances beyond your control may have shackled you together in order that you may learn valuable lessons.

It may well be advised that you think carefully before getting involved in business dealings together because they probably would prove to be both disruptive and destructive if you do. Perhaps the biggest reason for this is the power struggle that is likely to occur between you. Remember, both of you can’t wear the same pair of pants at the same time, although you will try. Jealousy, fanatical behavior, impulsive acts and a modicum of physical suffering define the energy of this aspect. Problems can also be seen in joint finances, insurance claims, wills and taxes.

The good news is that there is a great deal of sexual energy present between you. Just so it isn’t a total loss!

Composite Sun harmonizing with Composite Ascendant
Social activities are at the top of the list for the two of you. You are not likely to shun contact with others or want to be by yourselves. Instead, you will make a real effort to bring people you have a lot in common with into your relationship.

You make good friends for others and, in turn, draw them to you. If yours turns into a love relationship, not only will you be lovers, but you will have the luxury of being very special friends as well. There is likely to be a certain tenseness or restlessness within your relationship, but nothing that cannot be worked out. By all means, use this energy to seek out new experiences and adventures together, either at home or traveling to distant lands and cultures. Because of the energy of this aspect, you are sure to enjoy more experiences than most couples.

Composite Sun discordant to Composite Ascendant
There can be problems that arise in romance and marriage because of ego conflicts, disagreements and miscommunication. Neither of you wants to give in and apologize or tell the other person they could be wrong. You are really working at cross-purposes to each other, which will not make communication very easy. If you could each work alone on your own projects with no one there to bother you, then perhaps you would be much better off.

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