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Neptune harmonizing with Pluto
*During the past century, Neptune has maintained only one aspect with Pluto: The Sextile. As with all in your generation, you have the opportunity to be of service to others for the benefit of humanity. Use any psychic or spiritual powers to help those around you.

Neptune harmonizing with Ascendant
You have empathy and compassion for others. There is the possibility that you have developed your intuitive and psychic abilities in past lives and that these talents may come to the fore in this lifetime. You are probably creative and are certainly sensitive to the needs of others.

Neptune discordant to Ascendant
You can be selfless in relationships, perhaps too much so, at your own expense. Don’t try to save others and avoid the sorts of relationships where you either play the role of martyr or victim. Stay strong and do not allow others to use you just because you are so kind and gentle. You may lack self-confidence and this might cause you to place your faith in someone who is not worthy of your trust. Stand on your own two feet.

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