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Be sure that the following information is entered into the Birth Chart Data entry box on the Product’s page:

-If you are ordering more than one(1) of a particular report, enter information for each report.

-Name of the person for whom the report is to be generated. Enter both names for Relationship Reports. First names only is perfectly acceptable.

-Date of Birth in MM/DD/YYYY format for the person for whom the report is to be generated. Enter both DOB’s for Relationship Reports.

-Time of Birth, including AM or PM, for the person for whom the report is to be generated. Enter both times for Relationship Reports.  You’re welcome to use 24-Hour format as well.

-Location of Birth for the person for whom the report is to be generated. Enter both locations for Relationship reports.

If something is specifically unknown, state “Unknown”.

Currently, The Store at Orbital Alchemy offers popular third-party reports generated by Matrix and a small selection of our own products.  New products and services directly from Orbital Alchemy will become available as we’re able to provide them. These reports are personalized to the information you provide in the Birth Chart Data Box on the Product’s Page prior to “Add to Cart”. They’re thorough, engaging, accurate and fun!

Payments are processed safely and securely using PayPal. You can pay with a major credit card without registering for a PayPal account.  Orbital Alchemy does not store your payment information.

While these reports are mostly software-based, order processing is not. Each report order is personally handled, created, inspected, and delivered to your email Inbox.  Orders are generally fulfilled within 24 hours of reception. If you have opted to pay by e-Check, your order may be held until your e-Check has cleared, which can take up to 5 days.

The Reports are delivered to the email address you provide at PayPal, via .pdf attachment, unless you have specified a different email address in the Order Comments field at Checkout, or submitted a separate Contact Form. Many of the reports average 30 pages or more, so the attachments will be somewhat large. Be sure your email account accepts large attachments. Reports are sent from Orbital Alchemy via

You will receive an order confirmation email. Save it in case you have problems or issues. Additionally, if something goes wrong, you’ll hear from us, too.

You could receive an email request, promptly, if we don’t have all the information we need to clarify and process your order. You will receive an automatic email confirming your purchase, regardless.

The Store at Orbital Alchemy doesn’t automatically provide refunds. Be sure to view the sample report pages in the product’s Gallery before you order, to see that it’s what you want. However, accidents happen. If we’ve incorrectly fulfilled your order, and you notify us promptly, we’ll gladly make the correction and exchange.

Orbital Alchemy Astrology will update this information as necessary.

And – Thank You!

Privacy Notice

Orbital Alchemy Astrology does not sell or share your personal information. Information you provide to Orbital Alchemy Astrology is used solely for the purpose of producing a personalized product and service – in this case, astrological reports. Payments are processed by PayPal, a secure third-party provider.

Orbital Alchemy Astrology does not currently procure nor share email addresses.

Orbital Alchemy Astrology will update this information as necessary.